The Tribes and the South

Omo Valley  and The South

The only area in Africa where tribes still exist

In the South-West corner of Ethiopia, where the borders of Sudan and Kenya meet, are found the last remaining tribes of Africa.  The Mursi and Hamar are the best-known clans but others such as the Karo and the Surri are fascinating as well. Others have distinct cultures, such as the Konso people who build stone walls around their villages.

The Hamar are renowned for several festivals, the most famous of which is bull jumping when young men attempt to show their maturity. Girls too, get in on the ceremony and are whipped by the men to prove their loyalty.

There are very few tour companies taking clients to these tribal areas in a secure and ethical way so as to protect their culture and way of life. Ethiopian Adventures is such a company.

Children decorate themselves with flowers or anything that is available. Colorful earrings are a favorite with young girls. Boys generally have to look after the cattle during the hot days.

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