Bale Mountains

The Bale Mountains And The Sanetti Plateau

The Bale Mountains are a real treat for those who have seen the Big Five and all of the classic wildlife found in most areas of Eastern and Southern Africa.

The Sanetti Plateau is the largest expanse of Afro-alpine habitat in Africa and home to the Ethiopian wolf as well the endemic Stark’s hare. In the Harenna Forest to the south of the Park, Menelik’s bushbuck are found often together with the massive Mountain Nyalla. They can easily be seen with a little patience whilst the famed Ethiopian Black maned lion is a little more elusive.

One unique primate that many want to see is the Bale monkey.  Together with colobus monkeys, they make interesting viewing for those interested in primates. The black leopard is a rare delight in the forest and the spotted leopard can be found on the plains.

In the case of birds, there is a whole host of unique species to be admired by birdwatchers. The Abyssinian Crimson Wing and Slaty Flycatcher are of particular merit but also the longclaw, the Spotted Breasted Plover and the Thick Billed Raven.

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