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Ethiopian Inbound Tour Operator

Adventure travel in Ethiopia. Journeys into a forgotten land.

  • A truly professional Ethiopian Tour Operator
  • Specialists in Simiens and Bale Mountains
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Driven by Respect, Fueled by Passion, Guided by Nature.

Our Vision
Both Ethiopia and Sudan (where we do extension tours) are full of fascinating places to visit. Consequently, no two tours are the same.

Our Mission

As a result, we don’t have any kind of standard tour. Every trip is based around the emphasis that is put on culture, wildlife, geography or landscapes.

Our Motto

The time of year of the visit plays a big part in where we travel and what we see. In some parts of the country, there can be intense heat or cold at certain times.

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Key to everything is our client comfort when on the road. Most of our trips are undertaken with specially converted Land Cruisers and Hilux Hard Tops so as to offer the possibility of getting off the beaten track from time to time. We don’t do white mini-buses! We are the only Ethiopian tour operator to operate 5 seater safari vehicles with large windows, a fridge, reinforced suspension and individual power sockets (220v and USB) at every seat. We are part of the Simien Lodge group who are currently the only tour company in Ethiopia to win international tourism awards (Skal and African Responsible Tourism Awards).