Awash & the southern lakes

Awash National Park Tour And The Rift Valley Lakes

South of Addis, there are some extraordinary wildlife areas

So close to Addis Ababa geographically but worlds away in terms of peace and tranquillity, the Awash National Park tour is a much-overlooked gem. Most of the wildlife activity is along the Awash river which gives life to the animal and birdlife.

Warthog is the first animal that the visitor is likely to see and they are food for lion and leopard. Oryx are next as they roam the plains near to the river. Dik-dik is found in the undergrowth and crocodiles bask in the sunshine on the riverbanks.

It is possible to go for walks along the riverbank and admire the different variety of birds. Kingfishers dive to catch small fish whereas secretary birds are hunting for snakes.

For the adventurous, try climbing Mt Fentale, an active volcano that still vents smoke from its sides. In the evening, visit a place where the tectonic plates are detaching this part of Africa from the rest of the continent.
The rift valley lakes also are a delight to see. Abita-Shalla with its flamingos, Ziway with the giant Marabou storks, and further south there is like Langano with many resort hotels.

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